Do you dream about quitting your day job to pursue your passion of being an artist, writer, or professional in the creative industry? Are you already in the business and need help with figuring out how to budget between contracts, or determining the best way to raise or save cash for future projects?

If you answer yes to any of the above, chances are your financial situation is or will soon be different than a person who has a 9 to 5 salaried job.  Creatives who have an irregular income stream have financial situations that are different than those with regular income: from dealing with normal day to day things like establishing credit in order to qualify to buy a car or purchase a home, to insurance coverage, or finding a trusted CPA to help advise on taxes.  Who can you turn to in order to obtain trusted advice that will help you with your finances and personal affairs?

Force4Creatives will share stories and interviews of financial successes and challenges that artists, writers, and industry professionals have encountered in their creative careers as well as provide educational events such as classes and webinars. Follow us to receive updated posts from advisors such as CPAs, financial advisors, credit experts, and other professionals that will share insight and best practice recommendations.

It is our hope that this force for creatives will be a helpful guide and benefit to those who are in the industry, or considering becoming a full time creative.